K & K Insurance Minor Release Forms

The best way to complete the "Minor Release Forms" is at the track. If you are signing in a minor for their first visit of the current season please bring your patience and arrive early. The forms must be properly completed and that takes time. We follow insurance carriers policies, not Spartan Speedways.

If you do not arrive early enough, (approximately 1/2 hr), to properly complete the minor release forms your minor child will not be admitted into the restricted area, and it will be your fault, not Spartan Speedways!

Legal guardian(s) must be present. We are happy to mail the forms although the forms can be complicated and are often not completed properly, which can be a source of frustration on race day for the minor as well as the guardian(s).

NOTICE: Only ORIGINAL Forms can be accepted. NO downloaded, printed, copied, or faxed copies are allowed.

A new form is required each year.

Please call 517-244-1042 or email spartanspeedway@gmail.com with questions or to have a minor packet mailed.