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Racin and Rockin Invite?

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Should Racin & Rockin be an Invite?
 77%  [ 7 ]
 22%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 9

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Drake Racing 14 28

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:02 am    Post subject: Racin and Rockin Invite? Reply with quote

Hello i'm probably opening a can of worms here but i'm willing to do it anyways. on MSTRC there are several Led Sleds that would like to come down for racin and rockin. but the tire rule and a couple of other things won't allow for them to come down. since i remember reading something about racin and rockin not being a points night what about making it an Invitational. just do like spartan and give 50 points for starting the feature and that's all. just do that. but i remember in years past the pony stocks had been an invite and pulled several cars from local tracks. there seems to be a moderately sized group of sleds that would like to come down. just my opinion i think R&R should be an Invite.
thank you very much,
Kyle Drake
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Joined: 03 Aug 2006
Posts: 416

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As I posted on MSTRC:


R&R is intended to be an invite.

Check with chuck Ewing for any rules, etc., that may apply to your class. I know earlier in the year there was a question on the tires, and I thought we had that all settled, but obviously not.

Chuck, for the Pures, what are the tire rules, and what needs to be done to allow others to travel here for that event, and yet keep the competition on somewhat of an even keel.

Certainly R&R again, is an event for the racers and for the fans, a mid summer's appreciation party for all.

I know that there are only appearance points being given for the regular and registered drivers at Springport for that night in all classes, which is 50 points, I believe.

Which means that opened competition should be the rule in this. The only thing that would keep anyone, and I mean anyone away from this fun night of racing for mods, sportsman, ponies and pures would be certain rules that some think they cannot comply with, which can b e overcome, or a thought in anyone's mind that they will not be competitive.

Part of the night is just flat out racing for the fun of racing, and to put on a show for the fans of racing. The money isn't the reason for this night of racing, the fun and the party and the meeting between drivers and fans is.

Put rather simply, as Dick Maurer said, the money goes away, but the trophy on the wall say's it all, as I have paraphrased here.

In any given class, there are those who unless we have a whole lotta luck, aren't going to get the trophy and the recognition of being an R&R Feature winner. But, there is money to be won, contingency prizes to be won that will be spread around the fields of cars, purse enhancement tug of war, good food, friends, fun, camping, and the chance to make this event once again, "The Best Racing Moment Of The Summer" as voted by the fans of short track auto racing in this state.

Unless you are an outlaw super late trying to pass yourself off as a pure stock, I'm thinking you can probably run in this event.

I cannot control internal class issues/parity/tire rules/driver perceptions, but I can say,

We want everyone there that wants to have fun.

You are the ones missing out if you don't show.

Give it a shot, try it out, but most of all, have a good time at R&R, that's what it is intended to be.

have a good day,

Short track racing is more fun than a human being ought to be allowed to have!
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Drake Racing 14 28

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeap i saw your post on mstrc matt. thank you very much for the speedy response.
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Joined: 08 May 2008
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I never got a chance to say thanks. Thank you Matt, Big Ed, Spencer and Kyle. I had fun. I wish I could have raced you for that win. I just watched the video the other night and man that was a bad wreck. I almost got into it following you through the pack. Kyle I rally hope you can come over and race with us this year. If you are looking for a ride I got your back.
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