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Points Method

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Joined: 26 Jul 2006
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Location: Charlotte, Michigan

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 1:27 pm    Post subject: Points Method Reply with quote

How many Pony Stock drivers like the way the points are handled this year? How many would prefer we use the old method for next year?

For those who don't understand how the points work in the Pony Stock Division this year, here it is:

Everybody gets an automatic 40 points for showing up. You get this even if you break in practice and can't qualify for the racing that night. This is done to help support those who show up every week.

There are no points for qualifying.

The heat race gives 10 points to the winner, then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, and everyone else gets 5 points. With last place getting 5 points, this is an incentive to run the heat race.

The feature uses the same points as the heat race, but in addition, you get a point per lap. So, in a 20 lap feature, you could get as much as 20 points plus 10 for winning. If you run 1 lap and drop out, you get your 5 points plus 1 point for the one lap. This method means that as long as you can finish on the lead lap, your points will be no more than 5 points behind the winner. This awards those who run well and try to keep up, but who are not necessarily able to win.

If you are the cause of a caution, for whatever reason, you get 5 points deducted. This rule seems to have reduced the number of cautions this year. We've had many races go green all the way.

As of Aug 6th, the top 5 point leaders under the current system are:

1094 John Ward
1058 Keith Holden
1058 Tina Anderson
1057 Jimmy Scavarda
1028 Jacob Newman

If we were still running the old system, the same system as used by the Super Late Models, Modified, and Street Stocks, the same 5 drivers would be as follows:

2593 John Ward
2570 Jimmy Scavarda
2295 Tina Anderson
2257 Keith Holden
2048 Jacob Newman

Under the old system, the only driver with any real chance of catching John Ward would be Jimmy Scavarda. He could make up the difference in one night. Tina and Keith have little to no chance, and Jacob has no chance whatsoever.

Under the new system, if John Ward has a little bad luck, Keith, Tina, and Jimmy will be all over him. If all 4 of these drivers have bad luck, Jacob could mathematically win the championship.

Anybody care to provide some input to this system we are trying this year?

Something else I've thought about that might also help some of the drivers would be to allow you to throw out your worst night as well as being able to skip one of the 50-point Sunday shows. In other words, only 3 of the 4 Sunday shows would count towards your points total and everybody also has to delete their lowest scoring Friday night. This could mean that you could either skip a Friday night altogether, or simply delete your worst night. This might also help a few drivers who aren't quite ready to go the first night, but make it out by the second night.

Under either system, if you miss a night, you reduce your chances of doing well in the championship. More drivers might make a run for the championship if they are allowed to throw one night out.

Just some ideas to toss out there for next year.

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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Location: lansing

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 2:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I really like the new points system a lot !! Very Happy
You also have some good ideas for next season and I think they will work.
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