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V6 Pure Stock for lease

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Joined: 26 Jul 2006
Posts: 1078

PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 11:39 am    Post subject: V6 Pure Stock for lease Reply with quote
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Joined: 26 Jul 2006
Posts: 1078

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I haven't updated this thread in a while, its been running over at; so I'll update it here.

$500 1/2 season car lease, Race Spartan and/or Springport Pures


This offer is going out to new/novice racers only... please, if your a former Mod, SS, LS or faster racer, please, lets give some new blood an opportunity.

The Pure Stock V-6 class has suffered some car count problems at Spartan and Springport this season... lately its been worse.

This is partially my fault, as my CRC cars haven't been in full force all season and when we have got them running, we broke them.

These cars are very close to being back on the track.

The offer is this.. $500 + Your own helmet and you can be racing at Springport in a V6 Pure Stock.

I'll supply the car, your driving outfit (if you don't have one) and the week to week maintenance costs (gas, tires).

You supply your registration fee (only $25 now), your own weekly pit pass, your helmet, and agree to help keep the car running if something breaks or you wreck it.

The FWD V6 class has its track championship still in play and there aren't any Rookies, so its wide open for Rookie of the Year.

Call me on my cell 734.536.0319, or PM or respond here and lets talk about Racing at Springport.

If your a Sportsmen Racer or Pony Racer at Spartan and/or Springport and would like to get your teenager involved in racing.. or your wife or GF, this is a great opportunity also.



To anyone who may read this thread,

Please remember:

Short Track Racing is more FUN than a human being ought to be allowed to have.

And, Patrick's offer here is a very, very good deal for someone wanting to give a try at being on the track with the rest of the racers.

And, you are going to meet some great people and make some friends along the way.

So, give it a shot. Guaranteed you will have more fun that you can even conceive of.

have a good day,



Short track racing is more fun than a human being ought to be allowed to have!

Let me introduce two new Springport Drivers:

Mike Brzezinski and Blake Stenberg will be joining the V6 Pure Stock class this weekend at Springport.

Still have spots for two more drivers..



pat, this is an awesome thing you are doing here, this is great to help the sport grow.... just my two cents...... Ryan


Dale Weaver


This is a great idea at a very resonable price.

I only wish I could take advantage of your offer. Other commitments will not allow me to do it.

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Joined: 26 Jul 2006
Posts: 1078

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


I gotta agree with Ryan. Awesome and very cool thing to do, Patrick. You da man!!



Mike Brzezinski took his first laps Saturday Night at Springport Motor Speedway.

Though he was in a car which wasn't capable of running with the leaders, he still said "that was so much fun, I can't wait to get back here".

A spun rod bearing spoiled what appeared to be a fast car.. during the cars shakedown in the heat.. the car proved to handle very well. After a yellow and over the last 3 laps the car was allowed to go full out and it made passes of the #99 (cleanly I might add !! ) and the #71 and was closing the the #51p when it ran out of laps.

Mike took the car out for the feature with "don't kill the motor" orders and did a wonderful job turning several fast laps and then keeping the car under control and out of the way of the leaders.

He spent a solid 45 minutes talking about the sights and sounds and how much harder and how much for FUN it was then he ever imagined.


Remind everyone out there.. we have two more cars coming online in the very near future.. if you'd like to lease a V6 purestock for the balance of the season.. you need to call me (or send me a message here) so we can get you set up.

Congrats Mike.. Blake, your next !



Matt Vainner took the #95 hot lapping last night and had the time of his life.

He's working on selling his QTR Midget so he can get into a Pure/Pony Stock.

We still have two rides left if your interested in this deal...



way to go ROOSTER. I'm sure a bigger car will be more fun.



What is the age limit and how many more races would be left in the season. My son is 12, he is racing a dirt 4 cylinder front wheel drive now.



QUOTE(SUICIDAL @ Jul 14 2007, 05:49 AM)
What is the age limit and how many more races would be left in the season. My son is 12, he is racing a dirt 4 cylinder front wheel drive now.
Regarding the age limit, you'll need to contact Maurice Randall at (517) 543-5202 to work through the age issues. It had been done (12 year old racer) but there are some hoops to jump through. There are 9 race dates left on the calendar.



Huge Congratulations go out to Derek Lacey, driver of the C.R.C. Pontiac Grand Prix Pure Stock at Springport Motor Speedway.

Derek, taking advantage of the $400 1/2 season lease, jumped into a FWD racer this week.

The Pure Stocks at Springport were running the Snap-On 60, so Derek had the opportunity to get 3x the normal race action in at a single event.

He qualified the car at just over 21 secs.. and did a super job slowing getting the car up to speed.

During the first heat, he took full advantage of his eight laps to learn about his car.. No crazy banzai runs, no scraps with other cars and nothing up into the wall. By the end of the heat he was turning much better times (he broke out in fact).

During the feature race, Derek was fast right off the get go.. he ran in the top 5 for the first 15 laps. The Prix handled very well, and newly refreshen motor we put into the car for Derek had enough umphf to stay with all but the baddest RWD V-8s.

60 laps is a long way to go for our Pure Stocks.. and this being the first race on this motor, Derek was real smart about saving the equipment and very gauge aware.. as the car started to get hot deeper into the race, he made several pit stops to cool the motor which hurt his finishing position (7th) , but it kept the car good.

We'll get the cooling issue taken care of this week and DL will be back challenging for a checkered flag next week at SMS.

If you'd like to get in on the action, you have to give me a call or send me an email.. we have two more cars waiting for some driver looking for an opportunity to get into Short Track Racing. There is another 60 lap race coming up in one short month.. and there are 7 race Saturday's still on the schedule.

Your talking about a $60 a week opportunity to go racing...

Again, Congratulations to Derek; can't wait to do it again next week !!
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Joined: 26 Jul 2006
Posts: 1078

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

$500 1/2 season car lease, Race Spartan and/or Springport Pures


August 5th update for the Team CRC

- Bad news first, we didn't get the head back on the Neon, so the #37 Pony sat out this week's ENCORE 60! at Springport Motor Speedway.

- The Good News.. Derek Lacey in the #93 (to be renumbered shortly) nearly posted a sub 20 second qualifying time (20.1) and started on the 2nd from the last row in the slow heat (fast 4 in a 4-Car Dash) and worked his way to the front, leading 6 (5?) laps including holding off the #6 at the finish line by .008 seconds in a photo finish. Congrats to Derek, his first official checkered flag !!

- More Good News.. Patrick McNamara in the #6 starting from the back row (scratched time) worked his way to the front of the FWD Pure Stock Feature, getting by FWD's driven by Josh Sattler, Russ Potter IV and Derek Lacey to take his 1st FWD Pure Stock checkered flag.

NEW ADDITION : Matt Vainner has joined Team CRC for next weekend. Rooster will be driving the #3 Cavalier next weekend in making his Rookie Debut on the high banks and fast straights of Springport Motor Speedway. Additionally, he will be joining Team Dodge for the 2008 season in a Dodge K-Car... and if all goes according to plan he'll get a race in that car before the end of the year.

There are 6 racing weekends left on the calendar.. including a 60 lapper at the Old Mill 150 on September 8th.. if you'd like to lease a CRC car for the balance of the year, give me a call at 734.536.0319 or email at and you could be on the track next weekend !

Wrapping up.. thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes last night !



Hey thanks for the congrats!!! What a race huh? The whole night was an absolute blast!! I think Bobby was about to jump out of the car because I couldn't stop talking about it on the way home!! O well I was excited so he can deal with it!!! Good to hear that we have another driver jumping on board.

I'll see you at the track next weekend.



August 12th update for the Team CRC

The good times keep rolling for Derek Lacey in the #93 Pure Stock.. add another heat win and his first FEATURE victory. Derek ran two great races, smooth as silk, stayed out of trouble and in the heat just took over the lead and held off a hard charging #30 for the win. In the feature DL was the receiptant of some good luck as the #6 dropped out while leading and the #27 didn't answer the call. Congrats Derek !

Matt Vannier took his first laps in the #6 Pure Stock. Matt was scheduled to run a Pony for Team CRC, but some mechanical issues kept the car from making it to the track, so McNamara jumped out of his #6 Ford Taurus and gave the seat over to Matt. Without any practice, Matt qualified a respectable 21.8 and stayed on the lead lap through out the heat. He made a couple of passes and gave the spots back in other laps, but was real strong on the wheel and definitely was a positive addition to the race.

NOTE TO ALL: For a grand total of $400... Derek Lacey has now run a 60 lap feature event, 2 twenty lap feature events, 3 eight lap heats; captured 2 heat checkered flags and a feature checkered flag. If your sitting on the sidelines thinking, I wish I could go racing.. the question really becomes.. why aren't you ?

$400 is very inexpensive when compared to real racing costs. You can't even buy a trailer to haul your rig to the track for $400. Purchasing one set of wheels and tires will cost you $400. Here is an opportunity to DRIVE a car which can WIN for $400. So ask yourself again... why aren't you driving a race car instead of talking about it ???



Hey thanks Patrick!!

I of cousre had an absolute blast racing again last night!! The video from last week doesn't show our finish because there was a crash behind and that is where the camera pans to. So the pic is all we have!!!

This is a PHENOMINAL deal I can't believe that young fans or drivers that have always wanted to try but couldn't afford it are not taking full advantage of this oppurtunity! Patrick has been a great car owner and has listened to any suggestions I had on the car...anything I thought we should change is always done by the next race.



PS. Thank you so much Patrick I would not be racing if it wasnt for you!!
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Joined: 26 Jul 2006
Posts: 1078

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As everyone knows.. we got rained out last week at SMS.

However.. that was after Derek Lacy posted a sub 20 second (19.82) qualifing effort.. this was the first time the #93 was under 20 seconds and placed it within .3 of the #6 cars best effort ever and within .6 of the best time the #10 of Russ Potter's has ever qualified. In other words.. in the world of FWD Pure Stocks, the #93 is approaching Bad Fast.

August 25th, 2007..

Team CRC came to the track with 4 cars... 1 Pony and 3 FWD Pure Stocks.. The CRC Congressional Challenge race was post poned due to inclement weather. Not that the weather was bad at race time, for the the Representatives and Senators, they were dealing with the aftermaths of the Tornados in their districts and couldn't do the racing.

Joining Team CRC this week was Chris Hensley.. Chris is a friend of Derek Lacey's and wanted to give Circle Track Racing a try.. so with a very minimal down payment he jumped behind the wheel of the recently rebuilt #94 Pontiac Grand Prix and joined Patrick McNamara and Derek Lacey on the high banks of Springport Motor Speedway.

The FWD Pure Stocks reached a season high car count at five.. so track promotor Maurice Randall pumped us up by giving us the opportunity to run our own FWD ONLY heat race.. including fast qualifier Russ Potter and 2nd fast qualifier Josh Sattler.

Russ brought home the checkered, followed by Derek, Josh, Chris and my self in the #6 bringing up the rear.

In the feature.. 16 Pure Stocks took the green flag in the biggest pure stock field of the year. The #6 car started on the rear of the field but quickly moved up to the Top 5.. The #93 car was right behind him until getting together with another car coming out of Turn 4 caused a cut tire and ended Lacey's night early. The #94 car ran into a little motor trouble (nothing major) and wasn't quite fast enough to stay with the majority of the field, but did battle with some of the back markers making it an exciting race for Mr. Hensley in his first night behind the wheel of a race car.

The #37 Dodge Neon made its second appearance and finished it first laps (under power) of the season. McNamara pulled double duty in the car (a car available for lease, by the way) and the car showed ton's of potential and registered some good lap times before being pulled off in the heat for high temps. A quick intermission radiator change fixed the temperature issue the #37 was back out for the feature running fantastic.. the car got black flagged for a fuel venting issue (plugged stock tank vent) but was running with the back half of the pack and showed enough to let everyone know this can be a front running car.

All and all.. it was a fantastic night at Springport Motor Speedway.

Remind everyone.. there are three race weekends left at Springport Motor Speedway.. including a 60 lap feature on Sept 8th.

There is still time to get a taste of racing with a CRC lease.. if your interested, give me a call at 734.536.0319 or email at or you can private message me here.


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