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 SPARTAN SCOOP    - July 24 & 26

by Duane Turner

Parish, Gallagher, Beckner and Morrow
Take Spartan Wins on Brian Heeney Memorial Night

Jason Parish from Eaton Rapids, MI scored a $2200 payday when he led all 100 laps of the Brian Heeney Memorial presented by Performance Automotive Northwest at Spartan Speedway. Maverick Morrow grabbed the win in the Enduro Figure 8 race, while Laura and Brian Beckner took victories in the Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stock B and A features. Jim Gallagher, Marc Long, and David Kelley scored the wins in the Lipari Foods Spartan Stock A, B, and C features.

The Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks would see Ken Dollarhite Jr take the early lead with Laura Beckner and Jarin Larner in tow. On the third lap Beckner would take over the top position, with Larner, and Ryan Hollister following in to second and third. As the lead trio pulled away from the field, Hollister would take the runner up spot with seven laps to go. At the finish, Beckner would grab the win with Hollister and Larner the top three. The A-feature, Brian Boesel took the early lead, with the rest of the field still two by two. On the third lap, John Ward Jr would grab the lead, with Tyler Heeney close behind. With ten laps in, and three car battle for the lead with Ward, Heeney and Brian Beckner. Just past the half way point, Beckner would take over the lead, as Ward would fall back to third. Lex Jarecki reeled in the top three making it a four-car battle for the lead with ten laps to go. At the finish Beckner would take the win, with Heeney, and Jarecki in the top three.

The ICAR Modifieds 100 lap Brian Heeney Memorial would be lead by Jason Parish from the outside front row. Spartan Speedway point leader Dan Loughan would hold on to second for much of the race, but would be spun out 70 laps in. Fast timer Nick Clemens moved in to second with 20 laps to go, but was unable to mount a challenge for the lead. Parish would take the victory, with Clemens in second. Travis Eddy, Chris Stearns, and Kyle Drake rounded out the top five.

The Lipari Foods Spartan Stock C-feature would see David Kelley and Lonnie York pull away from the rest of the field. When the checkers flew, Kelley would take the win, followed by York, and Justin Rodriguez. Tyler Hawkins took the early point in the B-feature, followed by James Gokee Jr and Darrell Taylor. On a lap four restart, Gokee Jr would take the point, with Rob Newman following in to second. With ten laps in, Rob Newman would take the lead, then Marc Long would come from fourth, to the inside and to the lead. At the checkers, Long takes the win, followed by Greg Studt and Newman.

The Lipari Foods Spartan Stock A-feature, Jordan Harvey jumped out to the early lead. Pat Dent and Lou Stremme would follow in second and third with Damon Place taking third just four laps in. On the fifth lap, Dent would take the point from Harvey with Place close in third. With 11 laps in, Place would get by Harvey to take the runner up position. As the field approached the half way point, Craig Stevens slipped in to third, with John Kennedy following in to fourth. A caution would bunch the field back up on lap 21, as Place would take over the lead, and Kennedy in to third. With 18 laps to go, Place would spin in turn four, handing the lead back to Dent. On the restart, Kennedy settled in to second, with Jim Gallagher in third. With 13 laps to go, Gallagher would spin in four, moving Long in to second, and Kennedy in third for the restart. With 10 to go, Long and Dent would make contact, sending both in a spin, forcing them to restart at the tail. Kennedy would inherit the lead, with Gallagher back in to second. With the laps winding down, Gallagher would move to the high side, and the front duo would race side by side to the checkers. Gallagher would take the win by a nose over Kennedy, with Stephens in third.

The Enduro Figure eight would see 16 cars take the green flag. Hugh Brayton took the early lead, with Maverick Morrow in a close second, but would take the lead on lap two. Kelly Hollister would move in to third, just as a red flag would wave. After the red, Brayton would retake the lead in heavy lapped traffic. Lap eight, Morrow would move back to the lead as Brayton got caught on a lapped car. Lap 15, Brayton would take the lead again when Morrow had to back off in the intersection. One lap later, Morrow would lead again as Brayton would break, ending his race. Hollister would now be second, but a half lap down. At the finish, Morrow would take the commanding win, with Hollister in second, but with a motor blowing up. Jared Smith would grab third.

Up next at The Track The Stars Call Home, The Performance Automotive Northwest Modifieds, Lipari Foods Spartan Stocks, Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks, Sawyers Chevrolet Michigan legends and the mini cups will do battle on the mile on Friday, July 31st.

McCune, Heeney, Parish and Haughton
Take Spartan Checkers

Old Timers night at Spartan Speedway is a time to celebrate, and remember the 59 years that Spartan Speedway has been racing. With the first event held on July 20, 1956, a lot has changed, but so much has stayed the same. In the end, the checkered flag is what racers are after. Jimmy McCune ran away with the sprint car feature, while Laura Beckner and Brian Heeney won the pony stock features. Jon Parish and Logan Haughton would win the bandolero main events. In the destruction events, Hugh Brayton took the Hare and the Hound event, while Kelly Hollister and Brian Beckner took the road rage events. The vintage racing events were won by Johnny Lawhorn and Dave Ordus.

The Parts Place Napa Junior Bandit feature would have Cameron Leasure lead the field to the green flag. Trey Chmielewski would take over second, with Kylie Beckner in third. Two laps in, Cody Hall would take over third, and then take over second one lap later. On a lap six restart, Cody Hall would take the lead, as Jon Parish would come from fourth to the lead in the next corner. On lap nine, Chmielewski would move back to the runner up position, but unable to catch Parish at the checkers. In the bandit division, his brother Zach Parish took early command, but Logan Haughton would take the point on lap two. Nate Jenkins would move in to second, and quickly put pressure on Haughton for the lead. A battle for third with Faith Schuch and Mike Findlay Jr, with Findlay taking the position on lap seven. With just two laps to go, Jenkins moved to the inside and took the lead with the white flag waving. As the lead duo went in to turn three, Haughton took the low side back, and made the pass to take the win.

The Sawyers Chevrolet Spartan Sprint Car feature would have Anthony McCune lead the field to the green flag. John Turnbull would settle in to second, with Caleb Armstrong in third. Jimmy McCune would show his strength and take over third on lap eight. Two laps later, Turnbull would break loose and lose second to Jimmy McCune. This would not last long, as just two laps later, Jimmy McCune would take the lead away from Anthony, and would quickly pull away. With just five laps remaining, Turnbull moved to the inside of Anthony McCune, and take over second. At the checkers, Jimmy McCune would hold on for the win, with Turnbull and Caleb Armstrong in the top three.

In the Boss Snow Equipment B-Feature, Shelby Gokee would take the early lead. Shawn Hornus would take over second on lap three, with Jerry King in third. At the half way point, Ken Dollarhite Jr would take over second, and Laura Beckner would follow in to third. Two laps later, Beckner would take over second, and quickly put pressure on Gokee for the lead. With five laps to go, Beckner would take the point and quickly pull away. On lap 17, Gokee would come to a stop in turn one, ending her race. On the restart, Beckner would pull away and take the win, followed by Jarin Larner and Dominic Shauver. In The A-feature, Wayne Beckner Jr took the early lead, with Randy Kretzinger Jr and Brian Boesel on tow. At half way, Brian Beckner and Troy Andrews would move in to the top three behind Wayne Beckner. With three laps to go, Tyler Heeney would move in to third, then to second just one corner later. On the white flag lap, Heeney would take the point, and hold on for the win. Wayne Beckner, and Brian Beckner were the top three.


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  • $15,500 ... 34 Ford Coupe - never been on track, lots of racey options

The following Bandos have 16 races

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  • #31 - $4,900 SOLD
  • #06 - $4,900
  • #48 - $4,900
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