SECTION 01   Competitor Registration & Pit Slabs
SECTION 02   General Regulations
SECTION 03   Safety Regulations - All Divisions
SECTION 04   Qualifying & Race Procedures
SECTION 05   Prize Money
SECTION 06   Insurance Plan
SECTION 07   Official Flag Rules
SECTION 08   Penalties
SECTION 09   Inspections
SECTION 10   Points Procedure



There is an annual $20.00 registration fee. (See Section 10)

a) All drivers must register prior to competing. Any driver who is not registered will not be allowed to compete until the Registration Form is complete.

b) All driver registrations are subject to approval or rejection. A registration can be used only by the driver to whom it is issued.

c) Drivers that compete in more than one division must be registered in each division to receive prize money.

d) A vehicle may only be used to compete in one division.


a) All drivers must be of minimum age as directed and approved by our insurance provider.

b) Any person under 18 must have current minor release forms on file for each year. For more information and/or to obtain a minor release form, call the speedway office at: (517) 244-1042. The forms are now available for download.


a) No intoxicating liquors or controlled substances are to be consumed before or during race meets by anyone entering the pit area. (NO TOLERANCE)

b) Spartan officials reserve the right to reject or allow the entry of any person or car.

c) Before entering the racing area, a release, registration and/or entry form must be signed by all competitors. Entering the racing area without approval of Spartan officials is prohibited.

d) Misconduct related to verbal or physically abusive behavior is prohibited. This may include but is not limited to intimidation, obscene profanity/actions, inciting a fight, berating of another individual, fighting, threats or physical harm. Disregard of this rule will ultimately result in suspension from all race track property.

e) Any “registered driver” has the right to be heard by the race director or management, regarding any issue. This however is reserved for only “registered drivers”.

f) Cars shall only be driven by registered Spartan members in all events except special events pre-approved by Spartan officials.

g) All pit entrants shall appear at track in acceptable attire, including shirt and shoes.

h) The driver assumes and accepts responsibility for the actions of his pit crew and may be disqualified, suspended or fined for improper conduct by their pit crew. In the event an issue should arise and a driver or a crew member is in someone else's pit area the driver will be held accountable. The best practice is to stay in your own pit area if you think there may be potential for a problem.

i) Drivers, owners and/or mechanics shall have no claims against or cause of action for damages, expenses, or otherwise against Spartan or it's officials or promoter by reason of disqualification or damage to either car, driver or both.

j) Any car may be inspected by Spartan officials at any time. No racecar will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved.

k) There will be no dumping of any petroleum products on Spartan grounds. Containers for dumping are provided. Anyone found dumping petroleum products on the ground will receive a mandatory suspension and fine.

l) All used tires must be removed from Spartan property at the end of racing events.

m) There will be no stopping on the race track to contest any official decision. Any person stopping may be disqualified from the race.

n) Radio or cell phone communication is not permitted on the racing surface. No mirrors.

o) Added weight must be painted white with car number on each piece and secured with (2) one half inch bolts.

p) Maximum decibel reading: 100 db at track side. Decibal readings will be monitored more frequently in 2010 and beyond. A "Deficiency Report" will be issued to a driver/car that exceeds the allowable reading of 100 decibals. The driver/car will have one week to comply.

q) 18" Tall legible numbers must appear on both doors and roof..

r) Every driver is required to attend the "driver's meeting"; failure to do so may result in forfeiture of qualifying time.

s) Transponders are required for each competitor unless Spartan officials choose an alternate scoring method. Transponders are distributed at the scale house and require a person to be a registered driver and to submit their driver's license until their transponder is returned. In the event a transponder is not immediately returned after completion of a competitor's event a deposit of $400.00 must be made to Spartan and the $400.00 will be returned at the end of the race season if all conditions have been met. Transponders must be mounted per Spartan instructions. In the event the registered driver enters the race surface without a transponder present and properly mounted on their vehicle, their vehicle will not be recognized or scored as being included in the event. In the event of transponder failure during qualifying, Spartan officials will allow competitors to requalify.

t) Any vehicle using anti-freeze will be fined $50.00 and deducted from pay.

u) No tire soaking or softening of any kind is allowed.
Tires are durometered and marked when scaling (pre-qualifying). You must qualify and race on the same tires. Tires may also be durometered post race. Spartan uses a scale provided by Hoosier Tire. Suspicious (Post Race) tires will be confiscated and pay held pending test results. In the event a tire tests positive the driver will lose pay and points for that night and is suspended pending payment of a $400 fine.

v) Excessive speed (over 15 mph) in the pits is a serious infraction. Drivers will be penalized for speeding in the pits.

w) Raceceivers are required for all competitors.

x) All rules and regulations in the Spartan rule book are subject to interpretation by Spartan officials.

y) Drivers causing unnecessary delays in a race are subject to the black flag (EX: Not going directly to your assigned position, not giving room to a driver trying to get into their assigned position. Not going directly to the rear as directed by the flagman). Causing any two cautions in the same event will be cause for you to be black flagged for that event.

z) Breakout rule: Modifieds... If you are found to be racing .25 (1/4) of a second under your qualifying time for any two laps, in any event, you will cause a yellow flag and be sent to the rear of the field. You will be allowed to continue racing and will not receive any further penalty. However, you will start the remainder of your day’s events from the rear of the starting field and your qualifying run will be disqualified. Should the infraction occur in your heat race, you will start at the rear of the consi. Top four qualifiers are exempt from break out times. Also, the breakout rule is not used in a consi.


a) Before any car may take part in a sanctioned race meet it is subject to inspection by Spartan officials.

b) It is mandatory that the driver's helmet meet a minimum of Snell 95 standards with SA rating, MA or M is not acceptable. Driver must wear approved driving suit of fire resistant materials that effectively cover the body from neck to ankles and wrists. Any holes in driver's uniforms must be properly patched with approved materials. It is also recommended that drivers wear complete full coverage, fire resistant underwear, and fire resistant driving shoes. Full coverage fire resistant gloves are mandatory. It is also mandatory that all drivers wear an unaltered safety neck brace (horse collar); a head/neck restraint system is highly recommended. Window nets with a top mounted quick release system are mandatory. (See individual division rules for more safety information.)
NOTE: Snell 2000 W/SA rating will be required in 2010.

c) The head or arm of any driver shall not extend outside the door of a closed body race car while being driven in any event.

d) Use of alcohol fuel is permitted, but must have dye additive, and must have the letter "A" posted on rear of car.

e) No race, time trial or warm up shall start unless there is adequate safety and emergency equipment on the track premises.

f) Only one person shall occupy a car at any time, except with prior approval from Spartan. Absolutely no riding on cars or trailers.

g) Approved roll bar padding is mandatory in all common areas occupied by the driver.

h) If you pull your car into the infield during race conditions you must remain in your car.

i) No Driver will be allowed out of their car while their car is on any race surface, unless you are asked to exit by the Safety Crew or your car is on fire. In the event a driver does exit their car the Flagman will go Red and all racing activities will cease. Non-Compliance will result in a mandatory $50 fine and subsequent fines will double.

· In the event a driver exits their vehicle and attempts to harass or intimidate another competitor, they will be D.Q.'d from the remainder of the evenings events and lose all points and purse for that night. Officials have no discretionary options in this matter.


(Friday)Gates Open:3:00 p.m.
 Hot Laps:3:30 p.m.
 Qualifying:5:30 p.m.
 Driver's Meeting:7:00 p.m.
 Racing:7:30 p.m.
(Sunday)Gates Open:12:00 p.m.
 Hot Laps:12:30 p.m.
 Qualifying:3:00 p.m.
 Driver's Meeting:4:30 p.m.
 Racing:5:00 p.m.

Qualifying Procedures:

a) Only one car per class may be qualified by a driver, unless permission is secured from Spartan officials.

b) Cars will be in groups according to previous week's qualifying times.

c) Maximum of 8 cars per session.

d) If there are no qualifying times from the previous week, positions will be determined by hot lap times.

e) All qualifying sessions will be a minimum of 8 laps (unless time constraints occur). Late qualifiers will receive one warm up lap plus 2 qualifying laps.

f) A driver's best lap time of the qualifying session will be his official lap time for the racing event.

g) Ties for identical fast lap times will be broken by second fastest lap time.

h) Drivers entering the track to qualify without a transponder will receive the black flag and sent to the pits for their transponder. Depending on time constraints they may then become a late qualifier or a non-qualifier.

i) If a car does not arrive at the track by the time qualification ends, every attempt will be made to place that car in the event. Spartan reserves the right to refuse that car owner and/or driver from competition in the event.

j) Every car must pass tech inspection prior to qualifying

k) Spartan may change qualifying procedures at any time without notice

Race Procedures:

a) Any eligible driver may drive a qualified car. Any eligible driver may transfer to a second car that has qualified for that race but must start at the rear of the field. Once the event has started switching of cars is not allowed.

b) Starting position will be determined by time trials, point system, order of registration and/or random drawing. Method used will be agreed upon by Spartan officials and will be brought to the driver's attention before race.

c) Procedure for lining up events with no time trials (due to inclement weather or other situations) will be determined by Spartan officials and be announced as soon as the decision has been made.

d) All drivers must be ready to compete in the event in which they are scheduled. It is the driver's responsibility to report to the staging area for his event. Any car that pulls off the racing surface or returns to the pit area after the initial starting line up is presented on the race surface must start at the rear of the field if they are able to continue.

e) Race may be started at starter officials discretion once the drivers have been signaled to be ready.

f) Whenever it becomes dangerous or unsafe to continue a race within the discretion of the starter or officials, a race may be stopped or declared final.

g) In the event of a caution, Spartan Speedway officials will make their best determination as to which driver caused the caution and that driver will be sent to the rear. When it is not clear as to which driver caused the caution, all involved will be sent to the rear. A driver may at their discretion, take responsibility by tapping their roof.

h) In 2010 Spartan initiated double file restarts. The leader will have his/her lane choice. Lapped cars will be placed behind lead lap cars.

i) When a race is stopped before the completion of one lap, cars shall line up in their starting positions for a complete restart. In the event there are cars unable to return to their starting position, the cars in that line should move forward to fill that position. When there is an incident on the track after the leader has taken the checkered flag and crossed the finish line, the race will be declared over and the cars involved in the incident and those running behind them will be listed as finishing the race in the order they were in the previous lap.

j) Caution flag laps may count as completed laps if designated. The race will end on a green flag whenever possible. Procedures regarding caution laps and ending of race on green will be brought to the driver's attention before the race.

k) In order to ensure that the racing program will be completed, a time limit of one minute per lap will be enforced in all racing events. A race will be declared officially completed if the event has run a majority of its laps and time has expired. Every effort will be made to complete all races. Red flag situations may alter this rule on occasions. Drivers will be scored and paid by their restart position.

l) Any driver competing in a feature event must make an attempt to complete the event to receive start money.

m) A vehicle may register and compete in only one division

n) In the event of a photo finish, video and visual evidence available to race officials will override the transponder results.


a) A guaranteed purse shall be posted for all contested Spartan races.

b) A driver shall receive all race money payable for a race competition unless other arrangements have previously been made. Any prize money not picked up on race night will be mailed on the following Monday. Designated Spartan employees shall distribute the prize money at the payoff window. Driver money will be paid and reported on a 1099 tax form individually unless a prior letter is on file to have all money paid and charged to another tax ID number.


a) Each Spartan member, with a competitor or pit permit and who has signed the release sheet for the meet for which the competitor or pit permit is issued, is entitled to insurance as arranged by Spartan if he/she is accidentally injured as the result of extreme violent and visible means while participating in said meet. All competitors in Spartan events agree to abide by the insurance plan. Copies are available upon request.

b) No person will be allowed in the pit area until he/she has secured a competitor or pit permit and signed the release sheet for that particular race meet.

c) Competitor or pit permits are not transferable and may not be signed by anyone except to the person whom issued.

d) Any member returning to competition after injury shall be deemed to be physically fit. Further disability insurance and/or medical insurance shall cease as of that date. Any member returning to his/her usual occupation after injury shall not be entitled to further insurance as of that date.

e) Any member involved in an accident while on the racing premises and does not report to Spartan officials in charge of the event within 24 hours or before leaving the premises (providing such member is able to make such a report) will not be eligible for insurance prescribed under the insurance plan. If anyone refuses treatment or a check up, all claims on insurance are voided.

f) Insurance benefits are not available to any injured person involved in fighting.


a) Any driver who does not obey the flag rules and/or race condition lighting (yellow,red,green), will be subject to disqualification.

GREEN:Start race (Green light on)
BLUE/YELLOW STRIPE:Move over, you are being overtaken
YELLOW:Caution, go slow and hold position (Yellow light on/Green light off)
RED:Danger, race stopped (Red light on/Green light off)
BLACK:Pull off track for consultation
WHITE:One lap to go
CHECKERED:End of race

b) SPECIAL FLAGS: Special Flags may be used at discretion of starter and officials, but must be fully explained to all contestants before the race starts.

c) GREEN FLAG: Before the green flag is waved by the starter at the start of a race, cars must retain position. Spartan officials may make special rulings on starts and restarts.

d) PASSING FLAG: To be discussed at driver's meeting prior to race meet.

e) YELLOW FLAG: The yellow signifies caution and the flag will be given to the first car past the starter. After the yellow flag has been displayed cars must hold position until either the green flag is again displayed or the red flag which would automatically stop the race. Cars must slow down on all yellow flags. Drivers may be penalized one lap or more for each car passed while under the yellow flag. Also any driver falling out of single file for any reason may be required to go to the rear of the field. Spartan will announce at the driver's meeting whether caution laps will be scored. Following a yellow flag, the field will be realigned according to the last completed green flag lap. Any car involved in an accident that is the cause of the yellow, except for debris, will start at the end of the field.
    (Example: Those cars involved and causing the yellow flag will be determined by Spartan officials. Cars spinning or stopping to avoid an accident or spinning after the yellow has been displayed will be allowed to restart in their position prior to the yellow as determined by Spartan officials).
No cars can stop on the track during a yellow flag caution for any reason, except when directed by Spartan officials.

f) RED FLAG: the red flag means the race must be stopped immediately regardless of the position of the cars on the track. The red flag may be used, if in the opinion of the starter the track is unsafe to continue the race. Cars should be brought to the starting line if possible and kept on the track proper. All repairs under red must be made in the pit area. Any car leaving the racing area during red will start at the rear of the field. Deviation from this rule is cause for disqualification, unless approval of Spartan officials has been given. Restarts after a red flag will be with cars in the order in which they were running on the last completed lap.

g) BLACK FLAG: Driver shall not continue in the race after getting the black flag. He must slow down and keep clear of the other cars in the race and pull into the pits or infield at the first opportunity for consultation. Disregarding black flag may result in penalty. Drivers causing unnecessary delays in the race are subject to the black flag.

h) WHITE FLAG: The white flag indicates one more lap. It's most common application is to indicate one lap to go prior to receiving the checkered flag, but is also used one lap before a green flag.

i) CHECKERED FLAG: When the checkered flag is displayed the race is officially over. When the checkered flag is given the leader, the balance of the field receives the checkered flag in the same lap. Finishing positions will be paid off according to distance traveled and order across the finish line on the final lap, regardless of whether the car is still running or not. All cars must complete last full scored lap under their own power. No cars may be pushed across the finish line.


a) Violation of any Spartan rule or regulation may result in disqualification, suspension from all race track property and/or fine, or ejection.

b) Any driver, car owner, or mechanic/crew that takes part in any demonstration or fights on the track, in the pits, or surrounding premises, before, during, or after a race, shall be subject to suspension from all race track property and/or fine.

c) Until suspension is lifted, the car with which the suspended member is registered may be suspended at official's determination.

d) Any driver, car owner, or mechanic/crew who fails to notify Spartan officials of any change of driver or permits a car to be driven in a race meet by an unregistered person shall be subject to penalties and/or fine.

e) Actions of Spartan members considered detrimental to Spartan shall be subject to suspension from all race track property and/or fine or ejection.

f) Abuse, assault, or threat to do bodily injury by any driver, car owner, or mechanic/crew to any official person serving under their orders shall be grounds for suspension from all race track property and/or fine or ejection.

g) Spartan procedures for penalty of prize money and championship points regarding post race inspection and official finishing position:

1. Any and all championship points earned in race to be forfeited.
2. No prize money will be transferred to another car or driver.
3. Points will be transferred to the subsequent positions.


Each car must be prepared to pass a rigid safety inspection before it will be permitted to compete. Technical bulletins prevail when any discrepancies exist between the rule book and technical bulletins issued after rules are released.

a) Any and all cars will be subject to inspections before, during and after the races.

b) Spartan officials in charge of a race meet shall determine the method, type of car inspection, number of cars to be inspected, and reserves the right to impound a car competing in the sanctioned race.

c) Spartan officials assume no responsibility for impounded cars, parts, engines, etc.

d) Spartan reserves the right to set up an isolated inspection area and limit access to only the driver and 1 crew member of the vehicle being inspected.

e) At no time will any driver, owner, or pit crew member approach the scale computer without the permission from Spartan officials.

f) Weight may be added for minor rule variances.

g) All measurements and weights will be taken with driver strapped in seat in the upright position as if race ready.

h) Spartan reserves the right to impound any car for inspection purposes. Refusal to comply with this request may end in the expulsion of car, driver, and owner or any of the three, or fine and/or penalty.

i) Spartan reserves the right to confiscate any part, and/or equipment illegally used or found during the inspection. Refusal of driver and/or car owner to turn over illegal parts to Spartan officials may result in penalties and/or fines.



Each driver that competes in more than 75% of the completed events will receive the following at the Driver's Awards Banquet

  • $5.00 rebate on each tire purchased from Spartan Speedway during the current season
  • 5% rebate on gas purchases from Spartan Speedway during the current season
  • $100 for "Perfect Attendance" if you competed in ALL of the completed events.
    (You must be present to receive the $100)

Each driver that competes in more than 50% of the completed events is eligable for a trophy and awards at the Driver's Awards Banquet.

A - B and Street Stocks

Each driver that competes in more than 75% of the completed events will receive the following at the Driver's Awards Banquet

  • $5.00 rebate on each tire purchased from Spartan Speedway during the current season
  • 5% rebate on gas purchases from Spartan Speedway during the current season
  • $100 for "Perfect Attendance" if you competed in ALL of the completed events.
    (You must be present to receive the $100)

Each driver that competes in more than 50% of the completed events is eligable for a trophy and awards at the Driver's Awards Banquet.


Each driver that competes in more than 75% of the completed events will receive the following at the Driver's Awards Banquet

  • 5% rebate on gas purchases from Spartan Speedway during the current season
  • $100 for "Perfect Attendance" if you competed in ALL of the completed events.
    (You must be present to receive the $100)

Each driver that competes in more than 50% of the completed events is eligable for a trophy and awards at the Driver's Awards Banquet.


Each driver that competes in more than 75% of the completed events will receive the following
at the Driver's Awards Banquet

  • 5% rebate on gas and parts purchased from Spartan Speedway during the current season
  • $100 for "Perfect Attendance" if you competed in ALL of the completed events.
    (You must be present to receive the $100)

Each driver that competes in more than 50% of the completed events is eligable for a trophy and awards at the Driver's Awards Banquet.


Champions: Each Division will have a season Champion. Each Champion will receive the Spartan Speedway Champions Hood and 2 tickets to the Driver's Awards Banquet.

Additional awards to be presented in all divisions at the Drivers Banquet:

  • Most Improved
  • Rookie of the year
  • Perfect Attendance

a) Championship points will be issued to all drivers at all scheduled events at Spartan. Any discrepancy in points must be brought to the attention of the official in charge of scoring within a 3 week period following the event in question.

b) To receive championship points and prize money for an event, a driver and car must take the green flag at the start of the race.

c) Starting in 2017 there are no throw away nights.

d) Championship Night will be lined up the same as regular Friday night shows. (Qualifying plus Invert)

e) Any tie in points for the championship at the end of the scheduled season shall be determined as follows:

1. Events entered and competed in by driver
2. Average finishing position in feature races
3. Most victories
4. Most fast times
5. Average qualifying position